Book Coaching and Author Platform Building

Start writing your book and helping people to find it today!

Creative Coaching

The secret cure to writer’s block is having someone in your corner, ready to prompt and prod you toward your goals. I help you with the frustration of trying to pull the words out of your head and getting them written. Continuous feedback and small steps will get your book written much faster than going it alone.

Niche Focus

Let’s write your book with your ideal reader in mind – right from the start! Whether you’re a pantser or a planner, we’ll walk you through discovering your book concept and guide you in bringing your voice to the page.

Tech Support

Writing the book is just the first step – you need to make sure you’re building an author platform so folks can find you, identify you as the expert you are, and engage with you (proving ot publishers that you’re the real deal). From your first website, to SEO strategy and content, I am your in-house tech support for building your online platform as an author.

Personal Cheerleader

The world needs your book. You know this – you’ve known it for years! – and I know it too. As your book coach, I’m not just offering coaching, publishing expertise, and tech support: I’m here to cheer you on to write the book YOU want to write. I love this work precisely because of my own background as an ACT practitioner and I don’t want to reshape your book just so it can be easily digested by the general public – I want to help you write the book YOU want to write.

Hey there,  I’m Leann Harris

Podcast Host and Book Coach for helping professionals (ie therapists, coaches, teachers, etc). Besides being a coach trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, pure coaching as well as specific Book Coaching training, I’m a lifelong reader of all things self-help, personal development, business, and creativity. 

As your book coach I can cut through the chaff to what you’re really trying to say, even if it’s awkwardly worded or filled with jargon. My secret super power is helping people stay true to their voice, but say it in a way an 8th grader could understand.

Leann on grey chair

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Just schedule a free 30-minute call to make sure we’re a good fit. 


Choose a Coaching Plan

I’ll review what options will best help you meet your writing goals!

6 Weeks To Plan Your Book

This is my most popular plan. We’ll work together over 6 weeks (more if you need it) to help you “plant” and plan out your book.

More Details

Over the 6 weeks, you’ll get

  • Four 60 minute coaching calls via Zoom to help you think through the myriad of options you have 
  • Email/ messenger/ voxer support
  • A Workbook to help you determine your vision, your “why”, your book’s message, and more
  • Someone in your corner who supports you and will work to help you plan out this exciting project in your life!

8 Week Book Coaching Package

After planning your book, it’s time to write! We’ll plan to work together for 2 months at a time, giving you the support and gentle feedback you need to make your book take shape!

More Details

Over 8 weeks you’ll get:

  •  Six 1:1 coaching calls over Zoom.
  • Email/ messenger/ voxer support.
  • A project plan with milestones, goals, and celebrations
  • Someone in your corner, holding you accountable yet also flexing when needed (it is 2020, after all).

Author Platform, Marketing, Branding, Techy Stuff, and  Social Media Help

Do you already have a book but no plan on how people will find it? Are your Amazon sales lower than you’d like? Is your website outdated and underused? This is the one-stop plan to get you back on your feet and proud to share your book news!

More Details

This is a big undertaking and I’m happy to help! I believe in teaching you how simple it really is to manage your own website and start to feel comfortable using technology tools to help you be found!

In our 8 weeks together you’ll get:

  • A 3-page WordPress website plan.
  • Training so that YOU can maintain your site.
  • Branding and Marketing Strategy 101 instruction.
  • Newsletter and communication strategy plan and training.
  • Your choice of favorite social media platform strategy and training.

Pick My Brain 

Are you pretty sure your book is going in the direction you want but want another set of eyes? Do you feel like you have a great book idea but you’re just not sure? This is your chance to get my attention and insights into your work and get the personalized feedback you’re looking for!

More Details

Let’s talk and see how I can help you bring your book into reality!

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