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Oct 28, 2020 | Podcast

Be Mighty Book Club Starts Soon!

Nonfiction lovers, rejoice! Dr. Jill Stoddard has a book club available through hiitide ( and it starts November 1st! Learn how to shed worry and fear and embrace a more vibrant life from author, Dr. Jill Stoddard, in this 4-week Virtual Book Club. 



Leann H 0:04
Today, there’s an extra special episode for you. I’ll be talking with Dr. Jill Stoddard about her book be mighty on the platform high tide. High tide is an online book club, full of evidence based methods translated into daily practices, journals, reflections and discussions that really transform how we approach ourselves and one another. You’ll be able to go through be mighty with Dr. Jill and get chapter summaries key insights questions for your journal, and you’ll be able to chat with Dr. Jill herself. Her online book club starts November 1. And I hope after listening to this episode, you’re as excited to sign up as I am.

So today, I’m talking to Dr. Jill Stoddard about her book be mighty. And guess what she’s got an online book club starting. I’m so excited. Welcome, Dr. Jill.

Dr Jill Stoddard 1:37
Thank you, Leann, for having me. And I am equally excited about the online book club.

Leann H 1:42
So I saw it’s with high tide, high tide calm, and that’s a high with two eyes. If you want to check it out, be sure to go to h i i t ID. com. Anyways, they have an application that you can download on your phone, and they do daily updates tell us a little bit about what the book club will entail for your book Be Mighty.

Dr Jill Stoddard 2:07
So the virtual book club will be a four week book club. So people purchase the book, read the book. And then through the book club, there arethese like mini micro lessons. So there are journal entries and thought provoking questions. And it’s essentially a way for people to have an interactive community to be able to work through the book together. So the way I think of it is, you know, a lot of people buy self help books, and they never even make it off their shelves, or they’ll read the book, but not really apply the skills that they’re reading about. And sometimes feel like even if they are applying it, they need a little extra support or help but don’t really want to walk into a therapists office. And I think the high tide book club is sort of like a bridge between those things. It’s accountability, it’s fun. So there are these micro doses that are under 15 minutes a day, that really helped people to internalize what they’re reading in the book.

Leann H 3:09
So information doesn’t equal action. And this application in your book club, is actually going to help folks put the concepts and be mighty into practice.

Dr Jill Stoddard 3:20
That’s exactly right.

Leann H 3:21
So I had the pleasure and the honor of speaking to you when your book launched in January of this year, tell me a little bit about what it’s been like to be a published author now this year, for your actually second book. But this one is aimed at women in empowering women. Tell me a little bit about the people you’ve been able to speak to over the past couple of months?

Dr Jill Stoddard 3:47
Well, I would say primarily, I’ve been doing a lot of different podcast interviews. And so that’s been really fun to know that I am reaching many different kinds of audiences to you know, I basically made it my mission to share the concepts that are in the mighty that are from acceptance and Commitment Therapy, because I use them in my own life. And I credit them for having a pretty amazing life like even in 2020 when things are incredibly difficult.

You know, I find the skills that I talked about in be mighty to personally be incredibly powerful. And like I said, not everyone wants to walk into a therapist’s office. So writing the book, doing podcast interviews, feels like a way to reach as many potential people as I can so that they might benefit from these skills, too.

Leann H 4:38
Can you tell us a little bit about the skills and Be Mighty that are extremely needed in 2020?

Dr Jill Stoddard 4:46
Ooh, yeah, that’s a great question. I mean, I think what comes to mind first and foremost is acceptance or willingness which is learning to have a different relationship with your distress or your pain and in

Instead of working to control, you know, struggling to avoid, which is just impossible, especially right now, it’s learning how to open up and make space for even the uncomfortable. And so those are values. And I think how I’ve really been thinking about values during this time. And similar to the high tide book club is sort of like micro doses that right now it’s about each moment, and what choice Am I going to make in this moment to be the me I want to be? And that’s a big part of what I talk about in be mighty.

Leann H 5:35
Tell me why, at the end of 2020, when I am almost out of gas, I am almost out of fuel, I would want to join an online book club.

Dr Jill Stoddard 5:46
Well, I think what makes this the most special is the online community. You know, there are other readers who will be doing this work alongside with you. And inside the app, people are talking to each other, they’re encouraging one another, they’re talking about their their roadblocks and challenges and helping one another get over them. And you know, we’re all still pretty much stuck inside. And I think really craving and lacking that sense of connection with other people. And the high tide book club is really you know, it’s a community of like minded individuals who all have similar struggles and similar goals and want similar things.

Leann H 6:27
So people can connect with fellow readers and and readers who are interested in evidence based books, books that are proven to be effective.

Dr Jill Stoddard 6:36
Exactly right.

Leann H 6:38
Speaking of community and connection, I hear you’re going to do to question and answer live sessions with the group so people actually be able to interact with you. It’s not just a bunch of pre recorded content, correct?

Dr Jill Stoddard 6:50
Yes, that’s exactly right. I will be live and available for any questions that people have about the book or comments they want to make. And that will be on two separate occasions throughout the book club. And I believe they’re about an hour or so apiece,

Leann H 7:06
What’s the most common compliment or comment people made to you about your book?

Dr Jill Stoddard 7:13
Actually, it’s been how accessible it is that it’s the words people use, there’s something along the lines of I don’t feel like some stuffy expert is telling me what to do. I feel like I’m having coffee with a good friend, who is you know, supporting me and guiding me on this journey and maybe understands what I’m going through to which I love. You know, that’s what I would hope my written voice achieve. And that’s certainly been the primary feedback I’ve gotten.

Leann H 7:41
And I can confirm your voice in this book is very friendly, just as friendly as you sound now on a podcast, and I love it when authors spoken and written voices match.

Dr Jill Stoddard 7:53
Yes, it is definitely me, which made it a little scary to put out in the world. You know, as a psychologist, I’ve done more scientific writing. And this is the first thing I’ve written. That really is, you know, me putting me out in the world, which is a little more vulnerable, but also feels really, really good. And I just love hearing when people connect with it.

Leann H 8:13
So you have to use the skills that you work with, with your patients and clients who come in to see you for therapy, you do use them yourself?

Dr Jill Stoddard 8:21
Oh, absolutely. I mean, that imposter syndrome voice gets very loud, the inner critic, and you know, being able to observe those thoughts and stories and not let them boss me around or be in charge of my choices. I’ve 100% had to do that personally. And that, of course, is a big part of what’s in the book as well how other people can learn to do that, too.

Leann H 8:44
Is that what’s motivating you to use this hiitide app and connect with readers?

Dr Jill Stoddard 8:50
When I was approached by high tide, I just thought that it was the coolest, most unique way to get a book out to people and to get them more engaged. You know, reading can be kind of a lonely endeavor. And that’s one of the reasons some people like it. But I think when you’re trying to make big changes in your life, it is incredibly helpful to have a support system and and research even shows that that’s true. So I just loved that this was a way to make this accessible and doable in little chunks and then provided that support system as well.

Leann H 9:31
I am now convinced I need to join this book club. Where do I sign up and how?

Dr Jill Stoddard 9:37
Well you can download the app on any device you can go to and I think you spelled that earlier You can also go to my website at and click on virtual book club. And if you use that link, you’ll be prompted to enter a promo code to get 15% off which you can find on the website.

You can also sign up for my email list and I will send you the first three chapters free. So if you want to read a little bit of the book prior to signing up to make sure it’s a good fit for you, I never want people reading a book that isn’t helpful or, or isn’t a good fit for them. So you can feel free to do that and check it out in advance.

Leann H 10:22
Is there any particular practice that you remember writing in the book that you feel like is most helpful?

Dr Jill Stoddard 10:29
Well, the first thing that comes to mind is more of a metaphor than a practice. But it’s something that I’ve been visually imagining in my own life quite a lot. And that is the metaphor of the marionette puppet. So if you imagine that your thoughts are like the cross bars, or the hands, the puppeteer, and you are the puppet, oftentimes, those thoughts seem to be in charge of the way you move your hands, your feet, your mouth, what we need to do is cut those strings. And the cross bars, the hands, the puppeteer, they don’t go away, they’re still hovering there over your head. But if you can cut the strings, the thoughts can still be there. But you and your values can be in charge of how you move your hands and your feet and your mouth. Irrespective of you know, what the puppeteer brain is, is feeding you.

Leann H 11:24
I think that is so true. I need a way to feel like I’m not just going through the motions, because I’m burnt out and tired. So thank you so much for sharing this. I’m really looking forward to this book club.

Dr Jill Stoddard 11:39
Great. Well, thank you so much for having me on to talk about it and share. I hope lots of people get a lot out of it. Oh, I’m sure they will. Thank you.

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