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Nonfiction November Book Bloggers Banter About Books – Roundtable Session

This is THE episode to listen to if you like books, talking about books, finding book-related blogs to follow, want to know if hoarding books really is considered a problem, and the best places to find out upcoming books. Join me and my co-hosts for Nonfiction November, Julie from, Katie from, and Rennie from while we talk about how Nonfiction November was started (shout-out to the OG, Kim at and a few “controversial” subjects (well, for readers).

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Dr. Jill Stoddard hiitide Book Club!

What would it be like if anxiety, worry, and stress no longer got in the way of living your best life?

In a culture where women are paid less for doing the same jobs, expected to juggle multiple demands flawlessly, and objectified at every turn, it is no wonder we experience anxiety at double the rate men do!

Your anxiety does not need to be a prison.

During this 4-week Virtual Book Club with Hiitide you will read Be Mighty by Dr. Jill Stoddard, as well as learn, practice, and integrate tools and techniques that supplement the book. You’ll get exclusive access to daily activities and content, including Live Q&A sessions with Jill.

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How to They/Them by Stuart Getty

How to They/Them is an easy visual learning guide to accompany us on the journey to accepting others as they truly are. The more tools the better!” “Utterly cute and tremendously useful. A remarkably valuable, versatile, and accessible source of education on gender identity.

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The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris Interview

I had the honor of speaking with Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap, an international best selling book and one of the most well known and loved ACT books written for everyone to enjoy. Listen to what’s next for the prolific writer and ACT Therapist in this new episode!

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