Leann’s review:

If Santa wrote self-help, he would sound like this book. Lucky for us, Matthew Emerzian wrote this book instead and I can’t love it enough! This book starts off ordinary enough and I thought it sounded charming. But as Emerzian proceeds to tell his story, he has the most amazing experiences and outlook on life. This guy has obviously worked hard and found himself in situations that would make most of us feel uncertain and possibly terrified. Yet it’s so clear that Emerzian is living from his deep core values of honesty, respect, and kindness that you can’t help but wonder what crazy situation he’s going to talk about next and how he is going to model being the best human he can be. I usually quibble with inspirational books that don’t spell out how to apply what’s discussed in the book, but not this one. While the author is clearly an amazing person, he has given me enough inspiration for me to want to try even harder to live by such a strong moral code. This book is no preachy: it’s for any person to pick and help them remember who they really are inside. I have already sent it to a couple of friends and it’s already on my Best Books of 2020!