Books are more than strings of words

This site was created for you, Dear Reader, because I want to share why reading and learning does more than give us knowledge: it inspires us to live a life filled with meaning, dream bigger than we currently dare, and learn to compassionately explore who we are in this world.  S

Look, I discovered very early that applying the concepts found in helpful books can change the course of your life.

At the innocent age of 10, I swiped a copy of my mom’s pop psychology book and experienced my first “aha” moment. See, the ideas and techniques I read (devoured) under the covers that day changed my life. As a child of the 80s with a low boredom tolerance, I learned tools that not only affected the behavior of the grownups around me but also improved my relationship with mom (which in turn made me want to read and learn more).

The ideas in books change the world.

Something as tiny as one single sentence can help a person shift from left out, stressed out, and bummed out to feeling inspired and motivated. Desperation to inspiration!

In that moment. of course.

But then what? After the inspiration has worn off and you wake up the next morning.


We all know the power of words is in the real-life application of content.

But esssssh, the work.

Theories are great but taking action requires a lot more actual work, right?

That’s part of the reason we have bookshelves filled with great ideas and lives lacking the hope and comfort we crave.

As a fiercely independent woman, I had to make peace with the concept that we never heal alone. No matter how badly I wanted to, no matter how much I wished I could, it’s just not the human condition.

The power in books comes from the rich, meaningful discussions and feeling confident you know the next right thing you need to do. And I’ve been so busy with helping clients transform from the “Learning and Knowing” stage into the “Doing and Achieving” stage that I figured I’d better do something bigger with this.


I am overly enthusiastic at a chance to connect YOU with those who wield the power of the right words to help you out when you’re struggling and trying to read your way out of really difficult situations. (*hair toss).

While I’ve been sharing books on my Instagram account, after a while, I realized it’s time for me to, as the kids these days say, “level up”.

Hence, the Shelf Aware Books podcast. It’s an intimate affair with you, me, my inner fangirl, and the most fun, engaging authentic authors on the planet.

No monocles (I mean, unless you want one), no stuffy psychobabbble, no boring crap. In fact, Shelf Aware Books has a strict “all sticks must be promptly removed from any behinds” policy. You will only hear from authors who got to the other side of their issue by doing the actual work. They are everyday people like you and me except they put a lot of focus and energy into figuring out their “issue”. And now they want to help others do the same.

Real people, real issues, real solutions. And books. So.Many.Books.

I hope you join me on this fun adventure. Imagine a place that combines inspiration with the application through humor and authenticity and vulnerability (gulp). Imagine a place where truth-tellers come together to make you feel less alone.

The place your imagining is called Shelf Aware Books. And I can’t wait to meet you.

Let’s do the hard stuff together.

“In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many of them can get through to you. – Mortimer Alter

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